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Posted by old_time_girl on 2005.09.04 at 17:11
HorseHobbyist.com has received many press releases and emails asking
for help for horses and their owners in the aftermath of Hurricane

I have been posting and linking to these on our site, and wanted to ask
anyone who might be able to help to keep an eye on the Horse News page,
where I am linking to press releases and news stories, and to the
Animals & Disasters Forum and General Horse Forum, where I am crossposting
everything I get in email that is not on the web to be linked to.

Horse News:

Horse General Forum (anything equine or farm animal related will be
posted here as well as in the Animals & Disasters Forum):

Animals & Disasters Forum (all species):

General Page on Animals and Hurricane Katrina

If you have any needs, or want to offer assistance, please let me know
and I'll help spread the word. And permission is given to crosspost
this message.

Christie Keith
Director of Community Services

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