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New - Hi!

Posted by uainesidhe on 2005.09.12 at 00:24
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Hi everyone! I'm new here :) I have a 4.5yr old Paso Fino gelding named Tequilla Sunrise (Luke). I got him in March - someone just gave him to me!! I've wanted a horse forever (actually wanted an Arabian - but free horse... I'm takin it!) Plus my horse is wonderful and I love him to death. The lady gave him to me because I was the only one who could do anything with him. She took good care of him - but I don't think he trusted her very much. We (the lady that gave him to me and I) both think that he was abused before she even got him. He freaked out if you tried to touch his ear/poll area, but he doesn't even mind it anymore and actually LOVES having his ears rubbed! :)
Luke, in March when I first got him
I need to update pictures, he's actually getting darker and has gained almost 200 lbs!!!

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