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Apple Love
Posted by neversawthepain on 2005.03.29 at 16:00

Join us today!

If you have any questions...Please contact the Moderator neversawthepain!</span>

Posted by hownottobeseen_ on 2005.03.22 at 22:54
I've been searching for something that was honestly different from all the
"natural training" that's out there. I wanted some way to develop a truly
trusting relationship with my horses but couldn't seem to quite "reach them" no
matter what I did (or didn't do.) Now I know why, and I understand why so many
horse owners are still having so many "problems" with their horses.

I've emailed and talked with the creator (and personal coach) who offers a
unique Distance Learning program with daily email support and guidance. I've
also talked with others who have "tried everything under the sun" before using
Friendship Training and am convinced it is what my horses and I have so
desperately needed all along.

No Round Pens. No whips. No Sticks. No Clickers. No Gadgets. No Gimmicks.

Just a horse and a human developing levels of trust, communication,
understanding and intimacy that many horse owners dream about, but few ever achieve.

If you want to learn the real cause of "horse problems," how to prevent them
and develop that enviable "oneness" with your horse, please visit

http://www.thenaturalhorse.org/ or naturalhorse101@thenaturalhorse.org

Posted by _impetuous_ on 2005.02.14 at 00:20
new icon update @ horse_graphix! =) check it out.

Posted by _impetuous_ on 2005.02.08 at 00:31
if you want some horse icons and friends only banners please check out my new icon journal! horse_graphix. requests accepted! =)


Posted by _impetuous_ on 2005.01.30 at 18:49
i am a new member here, and i thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. i am nicole. i am 16 years old. i live in wisconsin. i have a 9 year old bay breeding stock paint gelding. his name is cleggs dakota kid. i do a lot of stuff with him. western pleasure, western horsemanship, english pleasure, english equitation, halter/showmanship, and the occassional jumping class. i do some gymkhana events once and a while, for fun. he's a very versital horse. i think he thinks he's an arabian, though. lol. he likes to hold his tail up and when he lopes, he'll hold his head up a little. even when his head is up when i lope, i can still take the class. pretty amusing, for me. lol.

some pictures.Collapse )

feel free to add me to your friends list, i will add you back, just leave me a comment. i really want to get to know some horse people over lj. my entries have a lot of pictures and it's mostly horse related.

♥ nicole

Posted by v_sade on 2005.01.28 at 01:23
As long as I'm on all these horsie communities, might as well do some free advertising. :) So, this is X-posted.

Horse Training and Riding Lessons

Located in Muskegon/Ottawa County/Grand Rapids area of Michigan.

Almost all disciplines available for training and lessons. Specializing in beginner through advanced huntseat and dressage. Also specializing in all types of problem solving. (mean and abused horses, off-the-track, just plain rude, difficult, or untrained horses, bucking/rearing/etc..) :D
Western, saddleseat, starting young horses, and others occasionally available, call or write for more info.

All natural horsemanship and always gentle methods. Lessons on (or with) your horse included in training, so you learn with your horse! 4-H and multiple horse discounts available, along with many different packages for both lessons and training to suit anyone's needs, schedule, and budget.

My barn or yours. Book early for spring/summer lessons or training and receive early bird discounts!

For more info, call Heather at 231-206-3561 or, email GoldenTymesTraining@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone!! :)

Posted by sundae_mourning on 2005.01.18 at 02:52
sorry to bother you guys again, but i just wanted to let you know that a petition has been organized to send to the publishers of the Thoroughbred series to keep the books going. even if you don't write an email or a letter, please take a second to sign the petition. every signature helps!

the petition can be found here: http://www.petitiononline.com/tblives/petition.html

thanks so much!

this will be cross posted everywhere, so apologies if you see it more than once.


a desperate plea

Posted by sundae_mourning on 2005.01.07 at 02:26
i know i'm not a regular poster here, but i have a favor to ask all of you.

*slight pause* (you can tell how big the favor's going to be by the length of the pause afterwards, as per Jerry Seinfeld.)

one of my absolute favorite book series will be ending its 10+ years run shortly and i am absolutely crushed. i have been reading the Thoroughbred series since i was about nine and i don't care if i'm ten years past the recommended age limit, i still love them. they're cheesy horse books that are predictable and unbelievable but they are still some of my favorite books. and now the series is ending. since we are all horse people, i'm sure i can't be the only Thoroughbred series fan here.

a group of friends and i are trying to get as many people to help us out as possible. we are going to bombard the publisher with letters and emails telling them we don't want to see the series end. now, i'm finally getting to my point.

to anyone who is reading this, please, please, please help us out. anything would help, whether it be a real snail mail letter or just an email. you can write to them at:

HarperCollins Children's Books
1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

or go to the webpage here.

please guys! i know there has to be some great letter writers out there! it doesn't even have to be a long letter...just something about how much you love the books (no one has to know that you don't really read them) and how you don't want to see the series end. and every letter and email will help in our attempts to bombard the publishers. and spread the word! we want to get as many letters and emails out there as possible!

i will be cross posting this everywhere, so apologies if you see it more than once.

A little FYI on the 'Issue'

Posted by nybie on 2004.12.22 at 13:11
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I know there have been fights that have broken out about Horse Slaughter...I know that most of you people believe it is cruel an inhumane to slaughter any horses no matter what the reason. However there is no alternitave. So disregard the past arguments, and listen to this...I'm not saying you have to agree...I'm giving factual information, that i have personally researched...And don't begin to think i have no idea what i'm talking about, because darling, i do.

You may have found a radical Web site supporting the abolsihment of horse sluaghter, but I can assure you that most of the people involved in protecting the rights of the slaughter houses are not fringe people. They are normal, responsible, average, everyday people with half a brain, who have realised that there is virtually nothing to be done about horse slaughter. They, as well as i have found the statistics to be accurate and the practice of slaughtering American horses to be eaten by forigeners is absoutley no different then that of us eating beef. Culture...Google and be amazed.

People aren't selling their horses to make a few bucks by sending them to slaughter most of the time...A lot of the horses sent to sluaghter are sent there by responsible horse people like you and myself whom have no other alternitave. Putting a horse down is quite expensive for those who are on a low budget. If the only way they can assure this horse dies, instead of living his life in pure pain, the slaughter house it is. There is nothing wrong with this practice...However, i myself wouldn't do it...But that still doesn't mean i don't agree with slaughter...Indulge yourself further...

You haven't done your homework if you believe that the statistics surrounding the abandonment of horse slaughter, on-line petitions, riots, ect will save the horses. As long as these things go on...Horse Slaughter will go on. It's a fight your never going to win.

Look, I'm a student, I own and love two wonderful wonderful horses, I'm a normal, responsible citizen, I eat meat, I actually own a leather chair (which used to be a cow..). I'm not a fanatic, but I can see when something is horribly wrong, and this "horse-slaughter is the most awfulest thing, we must save the horses" is very wrong. How about everyone throws all their horses and all the horses normally sent to slaughter in your yard...Deal with it then. There IS NOT enough founds and shelter for these animals. Bob Goodlatte is correct. He has the American Veterinary Association and the American Quarter Horse Association on his side, granted they have never polled the people who support them to see if their mindset is he same as theirs...But if you don't agree with slaughter, then why register your horse with the AQHA or use a vet registered by the AVA if you know a portion of your money combine with that of everyone else's is going to support these slaughter houses? What do i call you? I call you hypocryits.

Don't be fooled by "horse slaughter is wrong" and it's packet of lies. Do some more research, and you'll see for yourself where the real truth is. The country is watching it all, when this does go to court and the bill does get passed...you'll see what song it sings.

Moving on.
this is what happens. Killer buyers, go to auctions, buy horses, meet at a place where there is a HUGE 18 wheeler truck, piles all of the horses in this large truck, and drives hundreds of miles often, without the horses having water (they do quite often have hay) They piss, they poop, the die, the roll in these trucks. Another place these horses come from...Is PMU farms. Do you understand what PMU is? Pregnant Mare's uring is used for a menopause (sp?) drug here in the us. After the foal is born, it's up for adoption, the mares are the same way, then if they don't get adopted...off they go to slaughter house.
When the trucks pull into Dallas Crown or Belltex...The horses are then unloaded, put into waiting pens, and remain waiting until it's their turn.
When the horses are ready to be slaughterd, they walk up this chute type thing, sometimes they are tied up on a bar side by side, sometimes their just in an indoor pen. From this point, one by one they are loaded into what they call 'kill boxes' this is where they get stunned in the head, unconsious not dead (although some do die).
From this point on they are hung by their back ankle, and their throat is slit. They remain hanging and bleed out.
Next comes the cleaning. The skin will be stripped off by a giant machine and the meat clean, and put in the freezer. Eventually this meat will be feeding someone's children.
All the waste (organs, skin, ect) from these horses are made into dog food, or food for the wild animals at zoo's. Don't believe me? Google it.
In this process 500-1000 horses are killed weekly. There was this Texas Supreme court case (Belltex and Dallas Crown VS. Tim Curry, State of Texas, US Federal Agricultre Laws, ect)...It stated that these sluaghter houses were illegaly selling and sending horse meat over seas...The law states that it is illegal to sell equine meat over seas...You would have thought that if the government REALLY cared...durring inspections they would have notified these corporations? But they simply don't. Which is absoutley a good thing.

While i agree with slaughter, i think conditions could be bettr. Which is why i often tell people to save some face, push for better conditons and not abolshment. But thy does not listen to me, because i am just one horse hating human. Correct? No. I love horses dearly..while at the same time i could absoutley live if there wasn't any horses at all...I love them. I personally, wouldn't want to ever see my horses land in a slaughter house, but if it happens...it happens.

Online petitions. This is a joke really. The government doesn't even look at these. The reason being, anyone could make 2000 e-mail addresses and just e-mail it to themselves and say that really, different people signed it. They are not hand signed. Therefore...they are not going to be considered. Finally, the absoulte reason why they don't look at them is because they don't care. They get hundnreds and hundred of these petitons D A I LY, along with the same amount of phone calls, letters, e-mails, notes, threats, ect. Has anything been done? Have you seen improvement in the past 15 years? No, you haven't because there has been none.

What on earth makes you think that the government will listen to a bunch of children whine about the poor little horseys being sluaghtered when they don't even research both sides of the subject? Half of the websites with all this anti=slaughter crap isn't even true...it's over exagerated to make the reader think that this stuff is really going on....which it is..kjust not in that much of a dramatic way.

I have more to ad to this...But my brain has decided to stop working, and my hands hurt from typing. Think what you whish of this, your entitled to your own opinion. But anyone with half a brain, who understands economics and the way of life, will understand that HORSE SLAUHTER IF NOT GOING ANYWHERE...So pull your pants up and stop acting so childish.

blue mouse

help save the wild horses!!!!!

Posted by mousee on 2004.12.09 at 20:20
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hey everyone. i think that i have posted like once in this community, but i have an important post. my trainer sent me this email w/ a link to petition to help keep the wild horses in the wild and from being captured and killed so there would be more room for cattle farming...so you all should at least read it and i hope sign as well. please post this anywhere and everywhere that you think that it will get out to as many people as it can and email it or IM it as well. i really really want it to reach its goal and every signature will help. i sent it to a bunch of people that i know have nothing to do with horses and they all signed it. so you never know who will help support this. and there are other links to different sites if you are interested in getting more involved with this issue. so, SIGN!!! haha. thanx everyone



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