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~__/> Live to Ride, Ride to Live <\__~

* being our best is what they ask of us.. *

~__/> Live 2 Ride <\__~
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* Welcome to Live 2 Ride! *


.* If posting a long entry, pics, quizzes, etc. please use lj cut* If you don't know it, here it is (lj-cut text="text here") Replace () with <> This is just because pics and things mess up some people's computers! *.

.* Please keep the language mild because we might have younger children reading this! *.

.* Stay on topic... this is a horse related community! *.

.* Be kind to other members. Don't argue! You can discuss things and express your opinion, but please try to do so in a way that doesn't offend others! *.

.* Feel free to promote your communities.. as long as they are horse related.. all others will be deleted *.

.* If you have any questions or concerns.. please contact me! *.

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